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launched 27 January 2023

becoming, a metamodern magazine of arts and literature, and two poetry collections: Longing Songs Between Two Worlds by Valentina Teclici andTransformation by Alexandra Balm.

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...a metamodern semi-annual of art and literature. Many important things happen without fanfare. Lowercase becoming aims to capture longings for home – physical and spiritual – , yearnings for and celebrations of presence and transformation, and the countless ramifications of what it means to be human in an increasingly complex world.


Texts by (in alphabetical order): Sandra Arnold, Alexandra Balm, Lucy Boermans, Karine Gwenaëlle, Lincoln Jaques, Irena Karafilly, Fiona Kidman, and Jillian Sullivan.


Artwork by Simon Nicholls.

Valentina Teclici - Longing Songs Between Two Worlds_edited.jpg

Valentina Teclici
Longing Songs Between Two Worlds

Where is my home? My real, sweet home?

Maybe there where my memories

grew vibrant, coloured leaves

one at a time in the tree of belonging

for half of a century.

Maybe here, where the ocean is giving me joy

my senses are filled with mermaids’ songs

seaweed smells, cosmic colours, desires and energy

and I feel the happiest woman in the world.

Alex's father's painting.jpg

Alexandra Balm
Transformation, a poetry collection

There were so many poems that moved me in that best of ways – the feeling one took that each poem was complete, but not final, that their impulse was still there to extend. Above all, I think, what I so liked was how the most ordinary things and day to day happenings were woven through with tradition and longing as well as satisfaction in themselves.


Vincent O’Sullivan 

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