Invitation to Contribute


You just become, like a flower becomes the fruit. It’s all built-in within you. Allow it to work out.

– Nirmala Srivastava


Be what you are becoming without clinging to what you might have been; what you might yet be.

– Luce Irigaray




becoming is an experimental quarterly of prose, poetry, and choreographic work (in the form of “mark-making”, sound and movement-capture). It aims to reflect multicultural values and actively embrace THE METAMODERN (a broad concept that defines the meditation on the times that we inhabit, especially their transformational potential at individual and collective levels.)  


becoming aims to follow in the footsteps of (and diverge from) the 1980’s journal SPLASH, edited by Wystan Curnow, Roger Horrocks, Tony Green, and Judi Stout, and produced “unofficially” through the English department of Auckland University. (Four issues were released between 1984 – 1986).

SPLASH editors explored new models of critical theory and post-structural thought, with the aim of creating journals that were “provisional in form but provocative in content; to disrupt the epistemologies of poetry and posit innovative alternatives”.

becoming is equally provisional in form. Indeed, its provocation lies in its understated and experimental page layout, phrasings, and form, to explore the metamodern paradigm; to consider how the present may be re-valued and imbued with new meanings derived from revisiting traditions while seeking new forms of self-expression as well as the roots of what it means to be in the world – as reflected in art, literature, and education in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.  


Contributors range from amateur to established writers and practitioners, from school children to university lecturers, in an endeavor to capture the presence of the cultural moment that we live, and – hopefully – evolve in, as a tree that continues to grow while we explore it, as a boat that is being adjusted as it sails.


We endeavor to publish the magazine both online and in print. Contributions of written, audio, or visual texts are to be sent to: or, if it is a short text, please complete the form below.

The submission deadline (for the inaugural publication in January 2023) is 10 December 2022.

Many thanks for your submission. We’ll be in touch.